CSS: Transferring Donations between Campaigns

Modified on Thu, 06 Jun 2024 at 01:31 PM

Transferring Donations between Campaigns

  1. Locate the Original Donation:
    • Navigate to Admin > Manage Donations.
    • Search Giver email address and locate the donation in the results.
    • Copy the Donation ID to your device's clipboard.
  2. Verify Funds Availability: 
    • Click on the hyperlinked campaign owner's name to open the sysverify > admin_update page.
    • Check if the funds are available in the original campaign’s account.
  3. Identify the Intended Campaign:
    • Ctrl-click on Manage Campaign (left-side menu) to open it in a new tab.
    • Search for the intended campaign by title or custom URL.
    • Confirm that it is the correct campaign and copy its campaign ID from the results.
  4. Currency Check: Ensure that both the original and intended recipient campaigns operate in the same currency.
  5. Transfer Process:
    • Return to the Manage Donations page and initiate the transfer by clicking the “Transfer Donation” button.
    • Enter both the original and intended campaign IDs.
    • Confirm the details and submit the transfer.
  6. Return to the Manage Donations Page: After completing the transfer, return to the Manage Donations page and click on the edit link (pencil icon) next to the donation to open the donation settings page.
  7. Resend Donation Receipt: Use the donation settings page to resend the receipt to the donor, confirming that their donation has been successfully transferred.
  8. Update the Customer: Notify the customer via email that their donation has been successfully transferred and that an updated receipt has been sent. Ensure to use the appropriate canned response or draft a message confirming the transfer and receipt issuance.
  9. Tag and Resolve the Ticket: In the ticketing system, tag the ticket as "donation transfer" and update the ticket status to resolved. This helps in tracking and reporting on these specific types of inquiries efficiently.
  10. Communicate in Slack: Post the ticket URL and the note "Transferred Donation" in the assigned support channel in Slack. This will inform the team of the completed action and serve as documentation for internal tracking.

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