CS: Refunding GSG Tips

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Refunding GSG Tips


  • Initial Step: Document the donation link in the ticket summary. Utilize "CR: Refund GSG Tip: Step 1" for initial contact, setting the ticket to 'Refund' status and 'Resolved'.
    • Important Note: The "CR: Refund GSG Tip: Step 1" serves as a template for initial communication. If it's evident from the giver's message that the additional donation to GSG was made in error, you should tailor the canned response to directly address the situation. Edit the CR to clearly ask for confirmation of their requested refund/adjustment, ensuring we accurately meet the giver's needs.
  • Confirmation Step: Upon customer confirmation of a tip mistake, summarize the needed refund amount using "Refund GSG Tip: Step 2" template, tag the ticket 'Refund GSG Tip', and adjust the status to 'Pending'. 
  • Alternative Scenario – Tip Transfer Request: If the giver requests to transfer the tip amount to the campaign instead of a refund:
    1. Document the request in the ticket. Clearly note the giver’s intention.
    2. Escalate the ticket to Technical Support (TS) following the TS escalation procedure to update the amounts in our database accordingly.
    3. Update the ticket status to 'Pending’ and inform the giver that their request is being processed.
    4. Upon confirmation from TS of completed change, communicate resolution with the giver and set ticket to status: "Resolved." 


Note: If this is a GSG tip adjustment please post in Tech Support the amount adjusted after the refund has been made.

  • Process for refunds:
    1. Find Donation: In Admin, go to Manage Donation. Use the pencil icon to open the Donation Settings page and edit the correct donation.
    2. Confirm Tip Amount: Verify the tipped amount to GSG.
    3. Open Stripe: Click Stripe charge ID to view the charge in Stripe dashboard.
    4. Refund in Stripe: In the refund field, input the tip amount to refund. Use "GSG tip refund" in details, click refund.
    5. Update GSG Status: Back in Admin > Donation Settings, change donation status to "Donation to GSG refunded". Save and refresh to confirm.
    6. Ticket Summary: Update ticket with refunded tip amount and resolve.
  • For P1 Campaigns:
    1. Identify P1 Donation: If no charge found, it's a P1. Use donation ID link on Manage Donation page to open P1 Stripe charge page. 
    2. Collected Fee: In Stripe, find and click the collected fee ID to see fee details.
    3. Refund from Collected Fee: Click refund, input tip amount only—avoids refunding full fee, moves tip back to charge.
    4. Refund Tip from Charge: Go back to charge ID and click refund. Enter the tip amount to the giver's card. Use "GSG tip refund" in details, click refund.
    5. Update GSG: Set donation status to "Donation to GSG refund" and save. Refresh for confirmation.
    6. Close & Update Ticket: As with P2, update ticket summary with refunded amount and set to resolved.
  • Key Points:
    • P2 refunds direct from Stripe. Confirm tip, refund, update GSG, close tabs, update ticket.
    • P1 involves extra steps due to combined fee. Refund tip portion specifically, update, and ensure correct ticket status.


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