How to Support GiveSendGo Campaigns via Donor Advised Funds (DAF)

Modified on Mon, 25 Mar 2024 at 02:17 PM

Donating to a GiveSendGo campaign through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a meaningful way to support causes you care about while leveraging the benefits of DAF contributions. This guide outlines the process and requirements for making such donations to ensure your generous support reaches your chosen campaign effectively. 

What is a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)?

  • A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a philanthropic vehicle administered by a public charity. It allows donors to make charitable contributions, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants from the fund over time. 

Supporting GiveSendGo Campaigns via Your DAF 

1. Directing Your Donation: 

  • To donate to a GiveSendGo campaign via your DAF, instruct your DAF holder to direct your donation to "GSG Charities". We should be recognized in most DAF databases. If we're not listed, please request that they add us to ensure your donation can be processed. 
  • Include a note with your donation specifying the URL and title of the campaign you wish to support. This detail is crucial for directing your donation to the correct campaign. 

2. Eligibility Criteria for Campaigns: 

  • Charitable Nature: The campaign must be charitable, aligning with any of our Giver Army causes. 
  • No Direct Relationships: Donors and recipients must not be directly related. The donation cannot act as payment for goods, services, or any form of financial compensation. 

Detailed Guidance and Qualifications

  • For those looking for comprehensive information on campaign eligibility and the process of nominating a campaign for DAF donations, please refer to our Direct Funding Information Packet. This packet provides all necessary qualifications, guidelines, and steps to take for your donation to make an impactful difference. 

Need Assistance?

  • If you have any questions or need further assistance with your DAF donation, please do not hesitate to contact GiveSendGo Charities at Our dedicated team is here to assist you in supporting the causes you care about through GiveSendGo. 

Thank you for considering a donation through a Donor Advised Fund to support a GiveSendGo campaign. Your generosity plays a vital role in empowering and sustaining charitable efforts around the globe. 


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