Understanding Payouts: Your Guide to Accessing Funds on GiveSendGo

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Only verified recipients can request payouts. It's important to designate who will manage the funds. For a guide on adding a recipient and completing verification, please refer to our detailed article: How to Add a Recipient and Receive Funds

Verification Requirements:

To successfully verify the recipient's identity, the following are required:

  • A bank account (in the same currency as the fundraiser)
  • A passport or government-issued photo ID
  • A phone number
  • A residential address (PO boxes are not accepted)
  • A tax ID (for example, a Social Security Number if in the US)
  • The recipient must be 18 years of age or older

Note: The verification process is mandatory as it complies with financial regulations and ensures secure transactions.

After you complete these steps, your campaign will undergo a verification review, usually within 48 hours. We might contact you for additional information if needed. Once verified, the 'Payouts' section becomes available in your dashboard, ready for payout management.

Automatic Payouts:

  • Note: As of November 21st, 2023, the option for Automatic Payouts is available exclusively for campaigns created on or after this date. For campaigns initiated before November 21st, 2023, only Manual Payouts will be available.
  • Convenience: Funds are sent directly to your bank account according to the schedule you set.
  • Frequency: Choose from options like weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly during setup.

Manual Payouts:

  • Control: You decide when to withdraw your funds by requesting a payout manually.
  • Request: Use the ‘Send Payout Request’ button when it's active.

Switching Between Modes: You can switch between automatic and manual payout requests at any time. Note that the first automatic request will occur seven days after saving your preference when switching from manual to automatic.

Security and Notifications: Keep your banking information current and regularly check your account settings. Stay updated on payouts via email notifications and your GiveSendGo dashboard.

Processing and Payout Times:

  • Initial Payout: Available 5 days after your campaign's first successful donation.
  • Subsequent Donations: Each donation is processed within 3 days and made available for payout. Please note, while most donations are processed in this standard timeframe, some larger or high-risk donations may require additional processing time.

Payout Requests:

  • Automatic: No request needed; payouts follow your schedule.
  • Manual: Submit new requests 24 hours after your last payout approval.

Partial Payouts (Manual Only): If you need a specific amount, contact us before making your payout request.

Deposit Timeframe: Funds typically deposit within 2-3 business days after processing.

  • Please note, for non-USD payouts, the deposit may take longer due to international processing times.

Fees: Detailed in our pricing and fees page.

Minimum Payout Requirements: If a payout is unavailable please check the Minimum payout amount requirement for your country on this page, here.


Recipient Types and Verification: 

  • Individuals: Require ID verification and bank information.
  • Organizations/Non-Profits: Legal Representatives must provide ID verification, EIN, and official bank information. Additional documents like business registration may be needed.
  • Businesses: Similar requirements as organizations/non-profits.


Additional Information:

  • We may request further documentation to fulfill legal requirements and ensure compliance with our platform's policies.

Whether you prefer the ease of Automatic Payouts or the control of Manual Payouts, our platform is designed to meet your fundraising needs. If you need assistance or have questions about your payout preferences, please reach out to us at Support@GiveSendGo.com.


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