10 Strategies To Give Your GiveSendGo A Boost

Modified on Wed, 14 Jun 2023 at 01:32 PM

Congratulations on creating your GiveSendGo campaign! Now is the time to share your journey with your network and beyond. Here are some strategies to help spread the word and connect with potential supporters:

  1. Share Your Story: Introduce yourself and share the inspiration behind your campaign. The more personal and transparent you can be, the more your potential backers will feel connected to your cause.
  2. Create a Video: Video content can have a significant impact. It doesn't have to be professionally produced—a simple video explaining your cause, or even a photo slideshow, can effectively convey your message.
  3. Go Live: Live videos can reach a larger audience and provide an interactive way for you to engage with your community in real time. Use them to share updates or answer questions about your campaign.
  4. Post Images: Images can help create a personal connection between you and your donors. Make sure the images are clear, relevant, and capture the essence of your campaign.
  5. Write Blogs: Blogs can provide a platform to share detailed updates about your campaign. You can go more in-depth with your story, share technical details, or express gratitude to your supporters.
  6. Express Gratitude: Regularly thank your supporters. This can be done through a simple post, a video, or even a personalized note.
  7. Use a Hashtag: Create a unique and memorable hashtag for your campaign. This makes your campaign easily shareable and helps you track its spread across social media.
  8. Offer Rewards: Consider providing rewards for your supporters. This could be a simple thank you note, a branded item, or even a social media shoutout.
  9. Provide Campaign Updates: Keep your supporters updated about your campaign progress. Regular updates can help maintain interest and encourage more donations.
  10. Engage With Your Audience: Always respond to comments, messages, and emails related to your campaign. Show your audience that you appreciate their interest and involvement. This engagement helps foster a sense of community around your campaign and encourages further support.

Best of luck with your campaign!


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