Start A GiveSendGo: Creating a GiveSendGo From Start to Finish

Modified on Tue, 29 Nov 2022 at 03:45 PM

Create Your Account

If it's your first time creating a campaign on GiveSendGo, you'll first need to create a GiveSendGo Account. To do this, click on the "Start A GiveSendGo" button at the top of our Home Page. (If you already have a GiveSendGo account, you'll need to sign in to add a new campaign. Once signed in, click "Add Campaign." You can skip to Step 1 below.) 

On the sign-up screen, enter your legal name and email address, and choose a password. Then click Next.


Enter your country, state, city, zip code, phone number, social media profile link, and how you heard about us. Click Save.

Step 1. The Basics

Choose your Goal Type

  • Show total goal
  • Show monthly goal
  • Show no goal

Enter your goal amount. (Keep your goal attainable, you can always raise your goal as you hit milestones.)

Choose the country to which these funds will be paid out. (The person receiving the funds must live and bank in the country you choose.) 

Step 2. The Details

Choose a title for your campaign, a custom campaign URL (, and a category to list your campaign under. 

You can choose to donate a percentage of your funds raised to help keep GiveSendGo free to use if you wish to do so. (GiveSendGo does not charge a platform fee for campaigns on our platform. We run solely on the generosity of our campaign owners and givers.)

Step 3. Media

Campaign Story: Tell your givers why you are raising money. You should be as descriptive as possible. Invite people to your story. Let potential donors know what difference their donations will make. Be sure to proofread and correct any grammatical errors. 


Banner Image: Upload an image or add a link to a video that you want to be visible at the top of your main campaign page. Video links can be added for videos on Bitchute, GabTV, GodTube, Rumble, Vimeo, and YouTube. (For videos on, make sure that you are using the "Embed Iframe URL" as they will not upload properly otherwise. You can find the "Embed Iframe URL" below the video you want to use on

Step 4. Publish your campaign 

Your campaign should now be created successfully! In order to accept donations you will need to publish this campaign. You can publish your campaign now or later. When your campaign is unpublished, it will not be searchable on GiveSendGo, and you will not be able to receive donations.

Step 5. Add your recipient

Choose who will be receiving the funds directly. You can choose yourself, someone else, or an organization or business. The recipient must be over the age of 18 and must reside and have a bank account in the country provided. The recipient must complete a KYC verification with our payment processor. This information must match the information provided when filling out this portion of the campaign.

For an organization or business, you'll need to provide a tax ID number and a Legal Representative's name and email. 

If the party receiving the funds directly is someone else or a business/organization, click "Continue" to complete your campaign. We'll send them an email with instructions to connect to our payment solution. Proceed no further after selecting the recipient and adding their contact information. 

If you are the one receiving the funds, when adding a recipient, select "Myself" and proceed to fill out the requested recipient details and submit the information. 


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